Distinct Dental Care is a family dental clinic in Bloomington MN. Our philosophy is simple – our patients and their complete oral health come first.

Our friendly and caring staff are always available to help in any way possible, and to answer any questions that may arise.

Customer Reviews

Dr. Syed is an excellent dentist…

and also just a very nice person. She is very thorough in review dental issues. I just had a tooth re-filled and she was so careful in making sure everything was done right and fit correctly. I would recommend Dr. Syed to anyone.

– Kerry Meagher

Thank You! I Feel Better!

The staff and dr were so kind. My emergency estraction went smoothly!

– Mary Beth H.

I cracked my front tooth and needed to see a dentist right away.

I was seen the same day and Dr. Syed was able to fix my tooth. I was shocked when I looked at the perfectly fixed tooth. I couldn’t even see where the fracture was. Thank you and the entire staff. I have found a new dentist for me and my kids.

– Ashley Clark

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