Dr. Syed Bloomington Dentist

Dr. Haseen Syed

Owner, DDS, Adjunct Faculty

Bloomington Family Dentistry

We offer outstanding treatment for your family at our dental clinic in Bloomington, MN. Modern technology and personalized oral care are the hallmarks of Distinct Dental Care. Our practice also focuses on education and learning, helping patients to understand exactly what is taking place in their mouth.

My Promise:

I love what I do, and my focus is on treating the whole patient, not just the specific troubling parts. Educated consent is without a doubt the most fundamental aspect of my therapy preparation. I believe each person that we welcome into our practice deserves to know about his or her treatment options, as well as why treatment is necessary.

In order to address fear and trepidation, our caring team members make it a priority to create an experience that is comfortable for the patient, and even pleasurable.

Each time I receive a referral, I am reminded of my pledge and the many reasons it is so important.


Distinct Dental Care is a family dental clinic in Bloomington MN. Our philosophy is simple – our patients and their complete oral health come first.
Our friendly and caring staff are always available to help in any way possible, and to answer any questions that may arise.

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