Diagnodent Laser

At Distinctive Dental, we are delighted to introduce an analysis device that will assist us in spotting tooth cavities on the surface areas of teeth that were previously undetectable. DiagnodentTMhelps to detect cavities at the earliest possible phase, which enables a much more conservative treatment process. It also ensures greater accuracy. Readings from the DiagnodentTM help us determine if tooth decay is happening, and if we should treat the area with conservative fillings, or if we can simply continue to monitor the tooth and utilize preventive therapies such as fluoride and/or sealants.

How It Works :-
The DiagnodentTM uses a laser to identify structural changes in teeth, and gauges the fluorescence of the different layers of the tooth structure. As the laser light is beamed into the tooth, the special two-way handpiece allows the unit to measure the reflected light energy

Clean, healthy teeth exhibit little or no fluorescence, leading to a “low” reading on the systems display.

Cavities, however, do show fluorescence when the laser beams on them. This results in a “high” reading on the display, as well as emitting an audio notification.

Why this makes a difference :-
With today’s extensive use of fluoride and enhanced oral hygiene, the nature of tooth cavities has changed. As a result, immune enamel can often hide sub-surface degeneration, specifically if the degeneration begins in deep pits and fissures that standard dental tools cannot treat. Even regular cavity-identifying x-rays can in some cases miss out on identifying dental caries in the early stages. This is why the DiagnodentTM is so important.