BIOLASE Water Laser

Our practice utilizes the latest in modern technology, such as the BIOLASE TM Water Laser. According to the American Dental Association, only 3.5% of the the 157,000 dentists in the United States utilize surgical lasers.

Lasers can ablate or eliminate tiny to medium-sized tooth cavities. They can also shape bone, sanitize and enlarge origin canals, and remove canker sores and lesions – often with no anesthetic, and little blood loss or swelling.

The Waterlase utilizes a unique wavelength combined with a trademarked mix of laser energy, water, and air that produces a rat-a-tat-tat noise. The action of the Waterlase on difficult cells — using invigorated water molecules to reduce them — is similar to chipping away at the cells with a tiny pellet gun. The laser handpiece never touches the surface area, even throughout a hard-tissue procedure such as removing a cavity.

Likewise, the laser creates a short-lived analgesic on the tooth, which creates the Waterlase. On soft cells, the laser uses only warm temperatures to cut and water to cool as it delicately touches the cells. The heat enables any hemorrhaging to stop, and allows the blood to embolize.In 15 minutes, the laser can eliminate the decay, as well as prepare the surface area of the tooth, without the need for painful needles or a noisy drill!